Kdabra Temporada 3 Capítulo 10

"Kdabra" synopsis The story of Kdabra takes place at the Majestic Hotel, hotel-the first casino theme exclusively dedicated to the universe of magic. A world of ups and downs and glare where astonishing events that seem supernatural happen continually, until their tricks are revealed. But all the explanations come to an end when Luca - a 17-year-old girl who has escaped from a community religious - makes its appearance, performing tricks, apparently without any rational explanation. René - an artistic fame world, responsible for magician of the Majestic - love with Luca, offering you the opportunity to become the next international superstar of the hotel. But what René does not know is that behind Luca exists a mystery which, in case of being revealed, could cause a revolution that would change the world forever. What is this mystery? The answer is the engine that drives this story and brings to Kdabra a series of characters on the edge of imaginable, such as an astronaut who abandoned his career after a close encounter of the third kind to live in the Moon; an expert on human cloning that - apparently - crazy and now lives in a psychiatric clinic, and even a priest of 33-year-old who seems 100 years and are fed with leeches. While everybody's looking for an explanation for the phenomenon represented by Luca, the boy leaves the safety of his religious community to devote his life to René and the Majestic: a world of beautiful women, unscrupulous fraudsters and the more skilled players, who will lead to Luca to become in the most amazing magician that has ever inhabited our planet.

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